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Welcome to Church of God at Guadalajara. There's always something exciting happening here!

Abe Sensei

Abe Sensei has been faithfully serving here since 1985. You can contact her in Japanese (or English or Spanish) at

Short mission's trips!
We go to Chiapas, Guerrero, and other places to serve with a Christian medical society and take the gospel and God's love to those we need Him so much.

Once, on the bus on the way back home, armed robbers boarded our bus and waving their guns in the air insisted on taking our money and jewelry. We had no jewelry, but were more than happy to give them some money--since they had guns--no problem! God was with us and kept us safe from any harm.
We've survived our trips to Chiapas, but not without some excitement. We've been able to minister in different communities and distribute food allotments. The teenagers have taken along some puppets and shared God's message through them and their music. We've met with 29 families that had been run out of their village because of their faith in Jesus Christ: we could encourage them in prayer and an offering for food, since they are in a place of refuge right now. Please pray for them.
Church of God at Guadalajara